Privacy Policy for DecAPI

Last updated: October 16th, 2020.

This privacy policy describes the information that the DecAPI service collects from you when using the service.

Information that is automatically collected

Certain information is automatically collected when you visit our website or use our service:

  • Your IP address
  • Your browser's user agent
  • What page you were visiting
  • Date & time of visit
Information is only stored for up to 14 days on the DecAPI web servers (using the NGINX access log feature) before being automatically rotated & deleted.
The information is only stored in raw log files and is not processed or shared with any other parties.


When accessing Twitch-related information, we may store and cache public user information provided for up to 30 days.
Public user information includes:

  • Unique Twitch ID
  • Twitch username
Cached user information is only used to prevent excessive requests to the Twitch API.

Authenticated information from Twitch

For Twitch-related information that requires authentication (such as subscription-related information), DecAPI will store the following information indefinitely:

  • Unique Twitch ID (public)
  • Twitch username (public)
  • Access token ("OAuth token") used for accessing restricted user information via Twitch's API (private)
If you no longer want DecAPI to store this information, do the following: Once you have disconnected DecAPI from your Twitch account, your information will automatically be deleted in less than 24 hours.

YouTube and Google

DecAPI uses YouTube API Services for accessing YouTube-related data.
By using DecAPI for YouTube-related data, you accept YouTube's Terms of Service and Google's privacy policy.
No YouTube-related user information is stored or cached in the DecAPI service.
No YouTube-related user information is not being shared with any other parties via the DecAPI service.
Information from the YouTube API is processed by extracting the relevant information (such as video title or video ID) and then returning it with the response.